Cabling pattern for Irish hiking scarf is the best hands down!

The Irish scarf is one of those 'must-have' accessories for all the fashion savvy individuals out there. In fact, you do not even have to be a fashion enthusiast to love this scarf. Your desire for comfort and edginess at all costs should be enough drive to push you to buy at least one or two of these. This is a common scarf that is worn by most people all over the world, regardless of the fact that a majority of these people do not know its real name! People normally refer to it as "the scarf" or "a scarf", which is also permissible, given that you do not have to know its proper name to actually acknowledge that it is a very lovely neck piece!

The used pattern for Irish hiking scarf is what will alienate it from its rivals. Luckily, these scarves come in a variety of patterns with the most common one being the fancy cabling pattern. This pattern gives the hiking scarf that classic look that makes it stand out from the rest. The pattern slightly schemes over simplicity and at the same time manages to appear complicated and thoroughly thought through. In real essence though, it is very simple to make this pattern. All you need is US 8 5mm knitting needles, yarn of your preferable color, cable needles and double sided needles the same size as your other needles. When it comes to the actual stitching, pull the fabric inwards to make the fabric thicker and warmer, and you will have a cozy and fuzzy Irish hiking scarf in no time. Depending on the speed of your hand and the size of the yarn and needle, you are able to finish the job in less than a month's time!

A large needle and skeins of worsted weight, chubby cascade 220 or Hello yarn is used to put that unique spin to the scarf so that when you see it from a far, you can recognize it instantaneously! The yarn costs barely $5 thus making the scarf very affordable even as a finished product. These three types of yarn are the best for making sophisticated patterns because unlike the other types, their fabric is very high quality and thus does not wear and tear when cleaning. These yarns' fibers are not the kind to untangle at the loose ends or ball up on the surface when scrubbed while washing. They suffer little to no abrasion thus either one of these three is best suited for that cabling pattern for Irish hiking scarf that you have been drooling over.

The Irish scarves give you that fashionable look that is great in all colors. That said, do not shy away from the extremely bright colors or the more subtle ones because you are guaranteed that whichever color you pick will be the best fit for you! Even so, focus more on the brighter colors which are apparent in nature thus stand out easily when it comes to showing off the cabling details. A fringe on top of the selected pattern for Irish hiking scarf would be the final kick to earmark your scarf.